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COVID-19 Updates

October 15, 2020

Attention: Winnipeg Long Term Care Facility family / support persons

Personal Care Homes (PCHs) within the Winnipeg Metropolitan Area are being elevated to RED (CRITICAL) in the Province’s Pandemic Response System.

This does NOT mean that there have been any additional outbreaks within Winnipeg PCHs that have not been shared publicly.

The safety and well-being of residents, and staff, within our PCH’s is our top priority. Across Manitoba, personal care homes and other long-term care facilities have followed all public health advice and recommendations to decrease the risk of COVID-19 within their facilities. This has included strict protocols for staff, residents and visitors, enhanced cleaning protocols, visitor restrictions, and universal use of personal protective equipment.

We know that spread of COVID-19 in the community at large remains a concern within the Winnipeg Metropolitan Area and has resulted in additional cases throughout the city and surrounding communities which poses a significant risk to our vulnerable populations such as those in PCH.

This elevated RED (CRITICAL) status took effect Thursday, October 15, 2020 and will remain in place until it is lifted by the Province’s Chief Provincial Public Health Officer.

There are a number of important changes that will take effect for the duration of the elevated RED (CRITICAL) status.

  1. There will not be any new admissions or re-admissions to PCHs where COVID-19 is suspected or confirmed to be present.
    a. In the event any exception is made for individuals who are COVID-19 positive, those individuals will be isolated to their rooms for a minimum of 14 days or until symptoms have been resolved.
  2. Regular admissions may continue at PCHs with no suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19.
  3. General visitation will NOT be permitted in PCHs while the facility is under RED (CRITICAL) status. Any request for an exception (such as end of life) must be discussed and arranged with the site’s director of care.
  4. “Family visitation” may continue with a maximum of two “designated family caregiver(s).” In the event that a resident does not have family to visit they may designate two friends to fulfill this capacity.
  5. ALL visitors to PCH (regardless of facility status) must wear a non-medical mask for the duration of their visit. Visitors to Orange or Red Zone residents/units will be provided with appropriate PPE in line with the Provincial Personal Protective Equipment Requirements.

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Who we are…

Welcome! We are honoured that you have chosen Concordia Place as your new Home! We strive to provide compassionate care and services in a home-like environment, guided by Concordia’s Purpose and Values Statements.

Concordia Place is a 140 bed Personal Care Home which opened its doors in May 2000, and is governed by the Concordia Hospital Board of Directors. Concordia Place is a faith based organization and a member of Interfaith Health Care Association of Manitoba (IHCAM). Concordia Place operates within a Personal Care Home Service Purchase Agreement with the WRHA and is an active participant of the WRHA PCH Advisory Council.

We hope you find Concordia’s Services Directory to be informative. In it you will learn more about Concordia Place care, services and other features that may interest you from time to time.

If your are interested in a tour or have any questions or feedback about services at Concordia Place, please contact Monika Sawatzky at 204-661-7186.

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