Resident Rooms

Each room is single occupancy, has its own washroom (toilet and sink) and is furnished with a bed, a nightstand, a dresser, and a chair. To personalize your room, you may bring your own recliner chair and other small items (bed spread, photos, clock). Although we encourage you to bring in small furniture items, it may be necessary to limit the size and placement of these items to allow staff access in caring for you.

For resident safety reasons, we ask that resident beds be positioned with the head of the bed centered on the wall where the call bell access point is located. Some resident rooms are equipped with ceiling lifts. Admissions to these rooms are based on assessed need and may necessitate you being requested to change rooms if one is required.

Each room has a personal closet in which there is also a locked drawer. To use this drawer for safekeeping of personal items you may speak to the receptionist for the key.

Concordia Place supports an “age in place” philosophy. However, from time to time it may be necessary to request residents to move from one room to another based on their special needs. The team will work with you to make you comfortable and minimize disruption. Should a need to move be identified, you and your family will be consulted first.

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