Bill of Rights

The Concordia Place Resident Bill of Rights has been developed to affirm the rights of residents within the framework of a community living setting. It is to be interpreted and implemented in a manner consistent with the Mission and Values of Concordia Place, the requirements of law, and the practicalities of a Personal Care Home setting.

Where a resident does not have the capacity to understand their rights, Concordia Place will advocate on behalf of the resident to ensure that their rights are met. Likewise, a resident may designate a responsible party to act on their behalf in the event that personal representation is not possible. Concordia Place affirms the need for positive relationships between residents, family and staff to enhance residents’ quality of life in Concordia Place.

  1. Courtesy, Dignity and Respect: Every Resident has the right to:
    • be treated with courtesy and respect in a way that promotes their dignity and individuality.
    • be addressed by the name of their choice.
    • have their wishes honoured through an Advanced Health Care Directive.
    • die in peace with dignity and comfort in the presence of family or friends.
  2. A Safe, Clean, and Home-like Environment: Every Resident has the right to:
    • live in a safe and clean environment.
    • direct and receive care consistent with their needs and in a home-like atmosphere.
    • keep personal items in their room. have access to protected areas outside Concordia Place in order to enjoy outdoor activities.
    • be assured of consistent and stable daily, weekly, monthly and annual routines.
    • be free from all forms of abuse.
  3. Autonomy, Self-determination, and Freedom of Expression: Every Resident has the right to:
    • live life to the fullest, acknowledging the risks.
    • express their individuality in their style of living, including religion, culture, and language.
    • receive assistance towards maximum independence possible with their abilities.
    • receive services that support wellness, improvement, and quality of life.
    • make decisions affecting their daily life.
    • participate in Resident Council.
    • exercise the right to vote. express opinions, raise concerns, or recommend changes in policies and services to Resident Council, Concordia Place staff, government officials or any other person without fear of discrimination or reprisal.
    • form friendships and relationships of their choosing.
    • participate in and remain in contact, as able, with life outside of Concordia Place.
    • manage their own finances if they are competent to do so.
  4. Privacy and Confidentiality: Every Resident has the right to:
    • have treatment and care provided with sensitivity and respect for privacy.
    • meet privately with any person at any time without interference.
    • be alone when desired.
    • send and receive personal correspondence in a confidential manner.
    • meet privately with their significant other in a room that assures privacy. Where both parties are Residents, they have the right to live in adjoining rooms, when available.
    • have their personal health information kept confidential.
  5. Information and Participation in Care: Every Resident has the right to:
    • have their questions answered about anything that concerns them at Concordia Place.
    • participate in all aspects of their service and make personal choices regarding their service.
    • expect staff to identify themselves and the role they serve.
    • be informed of their medical condition, treatment, and proposed course of treatment.
    • give or refuse consent to treatment, including medication, and to be informed of the consequences of giving or refusing consent.
    • be informed of any policy affecting the operation of Concordia Place.
    • be informed of the procedure for initiating complaints.
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